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 We stock a wide range of Hip Hop, Rasta, Vintage Clothing, Hats, Caps, Bandanas, Flags, Beenies, Bags, Bling Jewellery, Pendants, Bracelets and much more. Here is a selection of the ranges available in Store.  

No Knives campaign

Hull Beats Bus are shooting a music video to accompany the No Knives Campaign. Si2, Beats Bus tutor, is filmed
by Redlocz Full Flava as he spray paints the logo on the side wall of Urban Trendz Clothing shop, Spring Bank in Hull.

It can be lonely being an artist and we hope sharing other artists journey will help other artists and creatives. In this first edition of 2019 we talk with artist Mark Noble from the United Kingdom.

This edition of Behind the Art is sponsored by URBAN TRENDZ

Product Catagories

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Available in Three Flavas

Approved By award winning film maker Sean Mcallister and the Beats Bus!
A limited edition promotional T shirt design released by Urban Trendz in celebration of the acclaimed documentary film ‘A Northern Soul’

Hull Beats Bus

Available Now

The Beats Bus is a community music and arts project based in Hull, United kingdom.
The project is a main focus in the award winning documentary Film ‘A Northern Soul’
by Sean Mcallister.
The Hull Beats Bus initiative has been designed to encourage the city’s next generation
to speak out about their hopes and aspirations through music.

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